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Tekno RC 15° Trailing Spindle Carrier Set

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SKU: TKR5194
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Manufacturer: Tekno RC
SKU: TKR5194

This is an optional Tekno RC 15° Trailing Spindle Carrier Set. The 15 degree spindle carriers are ideal for bumpy or blown out tracks. They provide more stability in low-bite conditions and make the vehicle easier to drive.  Constructed of durable composite material, they are a direct upgrade for the EB48/EB48.2/NB48 1/8 scale buggies as well as the ET48 and NT48 truggies.

They are stock on the EB48.3 and NB48.3.

Combined with the chassis kick up and V2 hingepin braces, the total caster on the vehicles can be adjusted from 23-27 deg.

Use TKR1601 set screws to secure bottom mounting screws.

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