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Tekno RC 107mm Full Option Shock Kit

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SKU: TKR6151
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Manufacturer: Tekno RC
SKU: TKR6151

This is the Tekno 107mm Full Option Shock Kit. The Tekno full option shock sets include the best shock parts Tekno RC has, and provide you with some of the best shocks on the market. Package includes hard anodized, threaded shock bodies, TiNi coated shock shafts, aluminum vented shock caps, aluminum cartridge caps, aluminum spring collars, aluminum pivot balls, delrin shock guides, the latest locking spring perch and captured shock boots. Also included are bladders and necessary o-rings for smooth shock builds. The only thing not included are the oil, springs and pistons of your choice. 

Available in 3 different shock lengths (measured shock cap center to pivot ball center): 

  • 107mm (SCT410/EB48/EB48.2/EB48SL/NB48 front shock)
  • 122mm (SCT410/EB48/EB48.2/EB48SL/NB48 rear shock, ET48/NT48 front shock)
  • 137mm (ET48/NT48 rear shock)
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