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XRAY X10 2016 1/10 Electric GT Pan Car Kit

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Manufacturer: XRAY
SKU: XRA370503

X10 Pan Car 
European Champion Platform

The X10 is a 1/10 scale GT pancar based on the XRAY’s European Championship-winning X12 pancar. Sharing many high-performance parts with its smaller cousin, the X10 has incorporated all the finest details to achieve a state of perfection.

XRAY focused its efforts on refining all of the already well thought out parts and assemblies to make the new X10 easy to drive, work on, and adjust. The X10…the best-performing pancar to get you to the Winners Circle.

Made in Europe. 
From unique HUDY Spring Steel, through the world’s strongest Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, along with XRAY’s own secret composite mixtures, to the premium high grade graphite materials… everything is exclusive and premium on the X10. Using premium European exclusive materials crafted by XRAY’s engineering artists using the state of the art German, Italian, and Swiss CNC machines, the X10 is a blend of only the world’s finest. 

2016 Updated Features:


  • Updated Chassis: The chassis is ultra-narrow, designed for short battery packs. The narrower chassis improves steering response and overall traction on all track surfaces. Torsional stability has been increased, resulting in increased grip while eliminating tire scrubbing in high-speed corners. The car handles bumps much better, as well. The CNC-machined chassis is custom-manufactured from stiffer 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for carpet racing. The chassis includes new holes to allow the long shock mounting alternative for increased on-power traction and drivability over bumps. 
  • Updated Rear Pod Plate: The rear pod was redesigned along with the ultra-narrow chassis and along with the updated position of side springs. The narrower chassis & rear pod allow the composite rear pod links to be placed centrally, resulting in better steering response and side-to-side weight transition. The compact, ultra-lightweight rear pod is constructed from high-strength aluminum bulkheads, a rear aluminum brace, and thin (but strong) high-grade graphite plates. The smart pod design allows for super-easy motor top access, accommodating all motors. Eccentric composite bushings are included for ultra-fine rear ride height adjustment. 
  • Updated Rear Pod Upper Plate: The rear pod upper plate has been designed to accommodate the new battery position on the chassis by changing the position of the side tubes mounting. 
  • Updated Rear Link Brace: The brace was redesigned to accommodate the updated side spring positions, along with improved access and updated body holder positions. The graphite brace now works as a battery backstop. 
  • Updated Weight Balance: The layout of the electronics and position of individual sections of the car were designed with optimum weight distribution and balance in mind. The steering servo is located in a lay-down position for lowest CG at the chassis center, and the layout of the chassis allows the batteries to be placed either frontwards or rearwards. Depending on battery configuration, the ESC and receiver can be placed in various positions for ideal weight transfer and balance. 
  • Updated Straight Side Springs: The side springs are straight instead of conical, which helps improve the side traction and handling of the car. The straight side springs have more consistent and smoother compression which results in smoother out-of corner exiting, and reduces the chance of traction rolling. 
  • Updated Orange Aluminum Parts: The majority of aluminum parts are orange anodized for a better, more distinctive XRAY design look. The combination of traditional XRAY orange & black coloring gives the car the perfect look. 

1/10 electric pancar 
Width: Adjustable 190mm front, 195mm rear 
Length: Depends on rear tires used 
Wheelbase: 255 +/- 3mm 
Weight: 280g 
Ready-to-run weight: 1050g - incl. BL system (varies depending on equipment used) 
Wheels: Not included 
Tires: Not included 
Instructions: Full-color manual with 3D graphics (40 pages) 
Set-up book: 2-color Set-up Book (16 pages) – not included 
Packaging: Carton box with vinyl bags with parts 
Additionally included: HUDY Diff Grease, Authentication Certificate, parts list & exploded view, decals, shock oil 
Not included: Motor, battery, speed controller, tires, body, steering servo, radio equipment

Needed To Complete:

  • Motor 
  • Battery 
  • Speed controller 
  • Tires 
  • Body 
  • Steering servo 
  • Radio equipment

Note: Complete car shown for illustrative purposes only. This package is only a kit, requiring assembly, and does not include a body. 

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