The RC Depot is a hobby store dedicated to high-end radio control products. We Specialize in 1/8 Buggies & Truggies, Scale as well as competition rock crawlers.

Unlike most hobby retailers, if a product does not meet our minimum quality standards we will pull if off of our website regardless of it's popularity. We would rather have customers spend their hard earned money on quality products as opposed to the RC Depot making a quick buck.

Store Hours
Monday thru Friday 9AM - 5PM

Upcoming Store Closures:
July 11-15th: Filming @ Visions Off-Road with LiveRC
September 9-16th: Filming @ the IFMAR Worlds

Les produits stars

XRAY XB8 2022 Spec 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit

XRA350017 (In Stock)
$965.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8E 2022 Spec Luxury 1/8 Electric Off-Road Buggy Kit

XRA350159 (In Stock)
$899.99 (CAD)

Mugen Seiki MBX8R 1/8 Off-Road Competition Nitro Buggy Kit

MUGE2027 (In Stock)
$999.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB2D 2022 Dirt Edition 1/10 2WD Off-Road Buggy Kit

XRA320012 (In Stock)
$499.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB4D 2022 Dirt Edition 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

XRA360011 (Out of Stock)
$699.99 (CAD)

Tekno RC EB48 2.0 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit

TKR9000 (Out of Stock)
$779.99 (CAD)

Tekno RC NB48 2.0 1/8 Competition Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit

TKR9300 (Out of Stock)
$779.99 (CAD)

Tekno RC NT48 2.0 1/8 4WD Off-Road Competition Nitro Truggy Kit

TKR9400 (In Stock)
$950.99 (CAD)

Team Associated RC10B6.4D Team 1/10 2wd Electric Buggy Kit

ASC90035 (In Stock)
$506.99 (CAD)

VP Racing Fuel "The Tessmann Blend" 30% (Gallon)

POWTT30 (Out of Stock)
$53.99 (CAD)

Sleeve Re-sizing (Race Pinch)

MSC001RPinch (In Stock)
$35.00 (CAD)

JX21-B06 Ninja JX21-B06 Off-Road Buggy Engine (Broken in by Adam Drake)

MUGJX21-B06 (In Stock)
$699.99 (CAD)

Sanwa/Airtronics M17 FH5 4-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System w/RX-493 Receiver

SNW101A32462A (In Stock)
$769.99 (CAD)

Flash Point Racing Ultra- Bond Tire Glue

FPR2110 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD)

Futaba 10PX 10-Channel 2.4GHz T-FHSS Radio System w/R404SBS Receiver

FUT01004408-1 (In Stock)
$1,031.99 (CAD)

SkyRC Differential Analyzer

SKY-500026-03 (In Stock)
$99.99 (CAD)
Meilleures ventes

VP Racing Fuel "The Tessmann Blend" 30% (Gallon)

POWTT30 (Out of Stock)
$53.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC Gold P3 Samurai Turbo Glow Plug (Ultra Hot)

PTK-2630 (In Stock)
$15.99 (CAD)

JConcepts Stalkers 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) (Green)

JCO3175-02 (In Stock)
$29.99 (CAD)

Hot Race Tires - Miami 1/8 Buggy Tires w/ Inserts (2) - Soft

$29.99 (CAD)

RC Body Armor Dragon Skin Body Backer

RCB-DS10 (In Stock)
$8.99 (CAD)

DE Racing "SpeedLine PLUS" 1/8 Buggy Wheel (4) (Black)

DER-PSB-8B (In Stock)
$20.99 (CAD)

Flash Point 2S LiPo Receiver Battery Pack w/Balancer Plug (7.4V/2500mAh)

FPR2001 (Out of Stock)
$68.99 (CAD)

Flash Point Racing Ultra- Bond Tire Glue

FPR2110 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2019 Composite Rear Upright (Graphite)

XRA353354-G (In Stock)
$20.99 (CAD)

Xray XB8 Aluminum Zero Rebound Shock Cap (Black) (2) XRA358056

XRA358056 (Out of Stock)
$48.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 LSM Rear Arms - Right (Graphite)

XRA353124-G (In Stock)
$25.99 (CAD)

JConcepts Reflex 1/8 Buggy Tires (2) (Green)

JCO3121-02 (In Stock)
$29.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 LSM Rear Arms - Left (Graphite)

XRA353125-G (In Stock)
$25.99 (CAD)

Pro-Line Blockade 1/8 Buggy Tires w/Closed Cell Inserts (2) (S4)

PRO9039-204 (In Stock)
$29.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC 5x10x4mm Metal Shielded "Speed" Bearing (10)

PTK-10039 (In Stock)
$15.99 (CAD)

Heavy Duty Aluminum Rear Hub Set, 7075, for Losi Tenacity / Lasernut

EXO2053 (Out of Stock)
$44.99 (CAD)

Hex Set, 7075 Aluminum, for Losi Tenacity / Lasernut, 1pr

EXO2055 (Out of Stock)
$16.99 (CAD)

Carbon Rear Shock Tower Set, 7075 and 4mm CF, for Losi 22S Drag

EXO2056 (Out of Stock)
$61.99 (CAD)

Carbon Front Shock Tower, 4mm CF, for Losi 22S Drag

EXO2057 (Out of Stock)
$31.99 (CAD)

Slipper Set, 3 Pad Finned Slipper Set, For 22S Drag / MK3

EXO2058 (Out of Stock)
$53.99 (CAD)

Rear Hex Set 7mm, 7075, for Losi 22S Drag, 1pr

EXO2059 (Out of Stock)
$16.99 (CAD)

Slash Drag HD Steel CVD Axle Set

EXO2060 (Out of Stock)
$43.99 (CAD)

F1 Ultra Front Sway Bar Set

EXO2062 (Out of Stock)
$39.99 (CAD)

F1 Ultra Front Damper Tube Sets

EXO2063 (Out of Stock)
$33.99 (CAD)