Air Filters & Fuel Delivery

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110% Racing 1/8 Pipe Clamps

110-T00017 (In Stock)
$18.99 (CAD)

Flash Point Premium Fuel Line (4Ft)

FPR2111 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD)

Mugen Seiki 5x10x4mm NMB Bearing (10)

MUGE2601/1 (In Stock)
$39.12 (CAD)

O.S. Large Carburetor O-Ring

OSM46066319 (In Stock)
$8.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC "DustBuster 2" Mugen MBX8R Pre-Oiled Air Filter Foam (12)

PTK-7752 (Out of Stock)
$28.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC "DustBuster 2" TLR Style Pre-Oiled Air Filter Foam (12)

PTK-7725 (In Stock)
$28.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC 5x10x4mm Rubber Sealed "Speed" Bearing (10)

PTK-10040 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC Samurai 321B Carburetor Boot

PTK-2535 (In Stock)
$7.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC Samurai S03 & R03 Ball Link

PTK-2621 (Out of Stock)
$8.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC Samurai S03 & R03 Piston Wrist Pin Retainer Clip (6)

PTK-2606 (In Stock)
$8.99 (CAD)