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AVID RC Xray XB8 '20 Bearing Kit

AV-XRAY-XB8 (In Stock)
$139.99 (CAD)

XRAY 13x19x4mm Rubber Sealed High-Speed Ball Bearing

XRA941319 (Out of Stock)
$9.99 (CAD) $7.62 (CAD)

XRAY 3 Bearing Lightweight Clutch Bell (13T)

XRA358413-L (Out of Stock)
$66.99 (CAD)

XRAY 6x1.55mm Silicone O-Ring (10)

XRA971061 (Out of Stock)
$8.99 (CAD) $6.43 (CAD)

XRAY 85mm Rear Shock Spring Set (2 Dots)

XRA358334 (In Stock)
$22.99 (CAD) $16.52 (CAD)

XRAY Aluminum Monoblock Engine Mount

XRA358709 (Out of Stock)
$83.99 (CAD)

XRAY Carpet Edition Composite Gear Cover

XRA324051 (Out of Stock)
$12.99 (CAD)

XRAY Complete 4-Shoe Clutch Set

XRA358400 (Out of Stock)
$97.99 (CAD) $80.21 (CAD)

XRAY Composite Rear Lower Suspension Arm (X-Hard)

XRA353116-XH (Out of Stock)
$18.99 (CAD)

Xray Delrin Shock Shims (2)

XRA358018 (Out of Stock)
$6.99 (CAD)

XRAY Extreme Heat Resistant Center Aluminum Diff Pin w/Inserts

XRA355087 (In Stock)
$45.99 (CAD) $36.93 (CAD)

XRAY Extreme Heat Resistant Front/Rear Aluminum Diff Pins w/Inserts

XRA355086 (Out of Stock)
$45.99 (CAD) $36.93 (CAD)

XRAY Super-Lightweight Ventilated Brake Disk

XRA354113 (In Stock)
$30.99 (CAD) $22.50 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 2018 Carpet 2.5mm Pin 67mm Rear Drive Shaft

XRA325321 (In Stock)
$31.99 (CAD) $23.62 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 2018 Carpet 2.5mm Pin Gear Diff Outdrive (2)

XRA324961 (In Stock)
$52.99 (CAD) $43.06 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Composite Steering Plate

XRA322571 (In Stock)
$10.99 (CAD) $7.62 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Gear Differential Bevel & Satellite Gear Set

XRA335030 (In Stock)
$29.99 (CAD) $21.30 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Graphite Front Wing Holder

XRA321190 (Out of Stock)
$19.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Steel Differential Pin Set

XRA335080 (In Stock)
$9.99 (CAD) $7.03 (CAD)

XRAY XB2D 2022 Dirt Edition 1/10 2WD Off-Road Buggy Kit

XRA320012 (In Stock)
$499.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB4D 2022 Dirt Edition 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

XRA360011 (Out of Stock)
$699.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 "Easy" 1/8 Buggy Body (Clear) (Lightweight)

XRA359713 (Out of Stock)
$56.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2016 Front Upper Arm (Medium)

XRA352133-M (In Stock)
$18.99 (CAD) $13.68 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2019 Composite Rear Upright (Graphite)

XRA353354-G (In Stock)
$20.99 (CAD) $15.17 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2019 Front Upper Arm (Graphite)

XRA352133-G (Out of Stock)
$25.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2020 3mm Aluminum Chassis

XRA351114 (Out of Stock)
$190.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2021 Spec 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Buggy Kit

XRA350016 (In Stock)
$879.99 (CAD) $849.99 (CAD)

Xray XB8 71.5mm Shock Shaft

XRA358265 (In Stock)
$24.99 (CAD) $22.50 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Aluminum Zero Rebound Front Shock Body

XRA358125 (Out of Stock)
$65.99 (CAD) $53.75 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Chassis Side Guards Graphite Brace Set

XRA353250 (Out of Stock)
$29.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Composite Front Lower Suspension Arm (Graphite)

XRA352120-G (In Stock)
$25.99 (CAD) $18.46 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Composite Front Lower Suspension Arm (Medium)

XRA352120-M (In Stock)
$18.99 (CAD) $13.68 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Composite Rear Upright

XRA353354 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.18 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Composite Shock Bushing & Shim (2+2)

XRA358043 (In Stock)
$8.99 (CAD) $6.20 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Front Zero Rebound Shock Set

XRA358107 (Out of Stock)
$149.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 LSM Rear Arms - Right (Graphite)

XRA353124-G (In Stock)
$25.99 (CAD) $18.46 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Steering Block

XRA352244 (In Stock)
$25.99 (CAD) $18.69 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 PB Steering Block (Large Bearing)(Graphite)

XRA352244-G (Out of Stock)
$29.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 Rear Zero Rebound Shock Set

XRA358207 (Out of Stock)
$149.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8'19 61mm Front Shock Shaft (+2mm)

XRA358165 (In Stock)
$29.99 (CAD) $21.30 (CAD)

XRAY XB8E 2020 115mm Rear Center CVD Drive Shaft

XRA355627 (In Stock)
$54.99 (CAD) $44.25 (CAD)

XRAY XB8E 2022 Spec Luxury 1/8 Electric Off-Road Buggy Kit

XRA350159 (In Stock)
$799.99 (CAD) $599.99 (CAD)

XRAY XT8 2022 1/8 4WD Nitro Truggy Kit

XRA350205 (Out of Stock)
$899.99 (CAD)

XRAY XT8e Conversion Set

XRA350905 (Out of Stock)
$175.99 (CAD)

XRAY Active Differential Lightweight Outdrive Adapter

XRA355163 (Out of Stock)
$54.99 (CAD)


XRA308380 (Out of Stock)
$106.99 (CAD)

XRAY Adjustable Turnbuckle L/R 20mm - Spring Steel

XRA302630 (Out of Stock)
$21.99 (CAD)

XRAY 3x35mm Hudy Spring Steel Adjustable Turnbuckle

XRA302611 (Out of Stock)
$22.99 (CAD)

XRAY 4x51mm Hudy Spring Steel Turnbuckles (XB808)

XRA352611 (Out of Stock)
$19.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB8 2016 50mm Turnbuckle

XRA352634 (Out of Stock)
$22.99 (CAD)